Welcome to Ready Set Mow

Ready Set Mow have been providing ride-on lawn mowing and gardening services for the past 16 years. Specializing in prestige acre properties around the Templestowe, Donvale, Park Orchard and Warrandyte areas. Recognizing a niche market for these discerning customers, Ready Set Mow have earned a reputation for excellent service. From ride-on lawn mowing to complete garden maintenance, you can rely on the team at Ready Set Mow.

If you love the look of a well maintained lawn, Ready Set Mow have a “Secret Weapon”. We use Walker Mowers which provide the best cut of any ride-on mower of its type. The secret is in the catcher system. 99% of all ride-on mowing providers do not give you the option to pick up the clippings. Our customers always tell us that there is nothing better than coming home after a long day at work to see the lawns freshly mowed. 

Watch the video to see Walker Mowers in action.